Friday, June 24, 2011


Saturday, June 4, 2011

SharBaby Illumination

SharBaby's 11 O'Clock Blues:

 Thanks for sending me the CD SharBaby.  I've seen you live a few times, so I was looking forward to putting your music in my personal collection.

 The power of The Blues is the power over the blues. It ain't cryin'. It ain't whinin'. It's singing, dancing, drinking and communing. When Sharbaby starts playing and singing, the magic of The Blues is thumping, scratching and clawing a tune, at once not happy, but joyous in its strength. In spite of, in light of, on top of, around and in the middle of the stuff of real life, we're gonna dance and sing and be fully in the moment.
We're not running, or lying or fooling ourselves. We're living, losing, crying and dying. But I got Sharbaby going round again. The sanity of the truth of things slips into a beat, bring me a good solid drink, and my feet begin to move.
SharBaby's list of venues and performances is impressive. The list of musicians she has been on stage with, or sitting around the studio, porch or workshop with is extensive. You can find that stuff when you seek her out. Go friend her on Facebook. Go listen to her music online. Go see her perform live. She's been playing The Blues for over 43 years. She'll walk you through it.        

You can find her music on our local musician's releases page. Click here.