Monday, February 13, 2012

Pot Smoking Hippie Type Reggae Dude Mishka Coming to Workplay

By Lee Waites

First of all, let me get something straight. Mishka's people contacted me to do an interview with him, to get him some press before his upcoming show at Workplay. So let's get that out of the way. He'll be playing Thursday night, February, 16 at Workplay. (((Click here for our calendar)))   I'll post a link to a video at the bottom so you can see him for yourself and decide if his music is your kind of Reggae.

You know how this kind of thing works. His publicist sends me an email with the show date and asks if we could write a little something before the show. I could just put a link to his website and let you go see what they say about him. Or I could write something about how his music sounds. But is that really what we need to know about a musician? How he or she sounds? C'mon! I guess they thought I would softball some questions and regurgitate this notion that he is a great guy who loves the environment and likes to sing pretty. Pttthhhh!  

I need to know what makes the man tick. I need to know the things behind his music. Who is the real Mishka? Well, his publicist got a little rude. All I did was send some questions I thought would help get to the real Mishka. here is what his publicist said "It's a bit wacky but hey, it's press and a plug for the show."

Wacky my ass! I'll let you see the questions and you can be the judge of that!

BFP Music:  How would you say your sound, the core resonance of your music was affected by your upbringing? In other words, do the elements of the ocean find their way into the music? Does the grit of the sand and the smiles of the people live in your heart and flow out of your mouth, that sort of thing? Do you close your eyes and feel yourself somewhere else through sharing your music? Do you love the life on stage? Do you look forward to returning somewhere?

Mishka:  Yes natural elements are integral part of inspiration in my music, and yes of course the culture within which I was raised is highly inspirational. I love the feeling of floating, the music has the ability to create the same feeling... I always look forward to being on the water, or by the shore.... Sea breeze sweet.

BFP Music:   What is your favorite kind of food? What is your favorite color? who is your favorite musician/artist?

Mishka:   Don't have a favorite food or colour or musical artist..Life isn't like that to me.

BFP Music:  Tell me something about these clothes you're representing? Tell me about the company? What are they doing that is good?

Mishka: A couple of years ago I was approached by O'Neill the wetsuit and surfwear company, and asked to be the face of their eco line of clothes, which include recycled fabrics, and organic cotton etc. they are a cool company doing some good work to educate people about the marine environment, and sea life, and of course supporting surfers and other athletes.

BFP Music: What is the best song you've ever written?

 Mishka: I don't think I have written my best song yet.

BFP Music: What is your spirit animal? What is your spirit food? (It can be anything, y'know, even a jelly doughnut).

Mishka: Don't know what my spirit animal is, or my spirit food is... I love whales and dolphins, having grown up on a boat.

BFP Music: Do you ever just hang out with Matthew McConaughey at the beach and stuff?

(Mishka refused to answer this question. Sometimes you can tell a lot by what people won't talk about though.)

BFP Music: If you could be the musical entertainment on the International Space Station, would you do it for room and board, and beer of course? (I didn't expect to learn much from this answer. I think I was getting drunk by this point, therefore more and more ridiculous. But his answer was telling all the same.)

 Mishka:  No. I wouldn't leave earth for free or for money. I love my mother. 

BFP Music: What's your favorite drink and how do you take your coffee? 

Mishka:  Jelly Water (coconut water)...Don't drink coffee.

BFP Music: What would you tell the leaders of the World if you had them at a show?

Mishka:  Would tell the world leaders to free the herb and dissmantle all their weapons, and to stop all the corruption, and to stop bowing to the wishes of the mega banksters and pharmaceutical and arms corporations, and truly serve the people as they are supposed to.
And to find compassion and love.