Friday, July 15, 2011

Koralyst Lead Singer is More Than Meets the Eye

By Amber Ritchie

When you hear the powerful lyrics being belted out by 19-year old Christa Marcus, you wouldn’t expect her to spend her down time cuddling an adorable fourteen-month old. Christa is actually a full-time rock star and mother. “Being mother is the most important and rewarding thing I do. I have always wanted to be a mother and a wife but I never thought it would be this soon but I wouldn't change it for anything.” She works at McDonald’s to support herself and her family, but she doesn’t let her strenuous schedule keep her down. She knows what her dreams are and she works hard to fight for them. “I have been singing in church and school choir since I was about five. I dreamed of being a professional singer since I was a little girl but never thought I would be in a band,” Marcus states.

Christa sings for Birmingham-based band named Koralyst, and it's in many a family affair. Her brother Marcus plays guitar, and her fiancĂ© Michael plays drums. The bassist, Ben, is also a longtime friend of the family. Surrounded by support, Christa’s dreams have become a reality. “My mother always watches my son whether I'm working or playing a show. . . I have so many great people in my life that help me with anything I need. If it wasn't for my mom, husband, and our family, I could never do any of the band stuff.”

The members of Koralyst have been together for three years and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Christa’s passion can be heard in her commanding voice; you can’t stop watching her on stage. In songs like "Acceptance," the band exhibits a mixture of hard-rock and alternative. In other songs, such as "Falling," you can hear hints of Evanescence coming from their hard sound and Christa’s enchanting vocals. Michael describes the band as being for all listeners, being influenced by “pretty much just any music. We are music lovers; anything from some Lady Gaga to Pantera, new and old, hard and alternative.”

Koralyst’s talent and unity cannot be denied in their live performances. This Birmingham band shows a lot of promise in the alternative scene. It is truly refreshing to see a band that has a familial bond. Birmingham rarely sees bands that take their music and passion as seriously as Koralyst. Christa Marcus knows what her dreams are and how hard she has to work to achieve them, while never failing to take care of her beautiful son.