Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BFP Music Biz: Jess Meuse Announces Contract


For more information, contact: Jess Meuse, LLC or Guest House Studios, LLC (334-580-0155;


SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 (NASHVILLE, TN) – Jess Meuse, LLC (CEO/President: Jess Meuse) and Guest House Studios, LLC (CEO/President: Tony Buenger) signed a formal management contract at The Bazel Group, in Nashville, TN. This agreement allows Jess Meuse to expand her horizons with her songwriting and performances.

Jess Meuse is an aspiring rock-country singer/songwriter who has been making waves in the central Alabama region and has not gone unnoticed in Nashville. At the age of 2, Jess coined the phrase "Some people might say these socks don't match, but I like them." That perfectly describes who Jess is and creative and her unique style for writing and performing music. In addition to her singing and songwriting, Jess is a self-taught musician at guitar, violin, and piano.

With the signing of this agreement, the team of Jess Meuse, LLC and Guest House Studios, LLC can expand the creative projects and activities they began in January 2011. Jess and Tony first met at the Guest House Studios Christmas open house in Alabama and instantly hit it off, realizing that their creative talents were a perfect match for promoting Jess’ music. The formal pairing of these two entities through the artist management agreement will provide new avenues for Jess Meuse to pursue additional opportunities to promote, develop, and further her career as a musician, composer, arranger, publisher and performance artist.

For further information, contact Jess Meuse or Tony Buenger at 334-580-0155 or

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Goal at BFP Music

We've been up and running now for less than a year. We're very happy that we've had so much interest in what we're doing. We have been happy to meet and connect with all of the musicians and their fans that have so far joined our groups, become our friends, viewed the content on our site and shared their information with us. 

We have a number of goals that we've met and a number we are working to launch soon. So please tell your friends and stick around. Check back frequently to see what's up. Also, as most people who have been following what we're doing will tell you we're very interactive. We're having a blast and love to hear from any of you about ideas or events. We're working hard to become a one stop shop, if you will, for local music information. 

We're attempting to achieve this through diligent work as well as creative outreach to fans and musicians. We don't require anything fancy to do this. We pay attention, try to keep up with what's going on, and respect the effort of others. We never want to be seen as an adversary to any other music endeavor in this town. We're just proud to be running along side the other guys and doing our thing. We will let our information and resources speak for themselves. 
Or calendar: We attempt to provide the most up to date calendar available for music information in Birmingham. It is built by hand and updated as shows come in. We attempt to keep up with mostly the local small venues. These guys do not get as much attention through media coverage but are the backbone of our local music scene. 

Many have begun to use the calendar. Please check it out from your smart phone. We like the versatility.

We're meeting with a guy this week, yes cloak and dagger stuff. He is going to help us put together a killer app. The one we have now sucks. But it's a link to the calendar that is updated several times a day by us. We check and double check the information and check it against all other calendars in town to to be as correct and up to date as possible. Call me on the freaking phone if you see me missing something. I will put it in.  That is how available we are.
The deal is, we are like most of the musicians in this town. Our newspaper and our music coverage is our art. We work other jobs too. We're like most of you. We don't have all the time in the world to chase stories. We don't have rich backers to pay our bills. We don't have a sales staff. We just have you. But that is freaking cool. 

The interest in what we're doing has skyrocketed. We're ecstatic about that. Some of you are into the newspaper. Some of you are into the music coverage. Some of you are into the groups. That is our pleasure. 

We love what we're doing. Please keep up your support and let us know what you want to see. We are a good opportunity for you to directly influence coverage in Birmingham. 

Rock on freakos!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

BFP Music Saturday NIght

I can think of no better way than to tell it like it is. I'm sitting on the patio at Marty's talking to my dear old friend Darcy, who is set up to sell her jewelry. She calls it Alexander's Wearable Art. Inside, Earthbound is keeping it mellow and smooth. 

I started my evening at Crestwood Coffee watching the High Fidelics. A confession: My brother is the bass player. I would love them anyway. They, for some reason refuse to be classified as surfer music. I think they're like the Ventures. Another confession: I, as I've said, am a drinker. So I'll fix whatever typos I make in the morning. I'm having very much fun. I hope you are too.

After grooving to the High Fidelics I came to Marty's to see Motel Ice Machine! I like them very much. the singer is like a cold glass of milk fresh from the dairy, you could just drink her up. And the guys are like the Berenstain Bears on crack, tight like machines. They have a cool, country-western kind of feel. I was impressed by how tight they were even though Ryan told me they had a few new members. 

My Marty's burger just got here. So I'm going to stop my train of thought in its tracks and eat. Oh my God...It's like the old myth about the crossroads. Only, instead of Marty making a deal for musical prowess, he got the freakin' burgers.

Whoa! Ricky Castrillo just came by the table. Told me we were the best thing to happen to music in this city for a long time. I love that man. You have to meet him if you haven't.

Darcy has sold about three pieces of jewelry since I've been sitting here. She's a hippie!

OK. I just ate the last bite of my Marty Burger. I feel ready to face the World.

I'm going to be in trouble in the morning. When my editor sees all this free flow bullshit. But it's the pirate way!

So. Ryan from Motel Ice Machine gave me his tickets to see Johnny Corndawg, at Bottletree. There was a break between Motel Ice Machine's set and Earthbound's at Marty's, so I took it to go to Bottletree.

I wasn't expecting much from Johnny Corndawg. I just wasn't familiar with him. He joined up with the opening band, Robert Ellis and his boys, who played with him on his set. I had never seen them before.  But those motherfu@*$%@ were tied together by strings. I was shocked that the crowd wasn't larger. They were tight as hell.

I stopped by the merch table to talk with Robert Ellis during the solo portion of Johnny Corndawg. I was amazed to learn that Corndawg and Ellis had only played together a few times. I guess some things just fit.
Bottletree was the perfect venue for this show. We need to make sure to fill Bottletree up the next time Corndawg and/or Ellis comes through town. (Really. We should just fill Bottletree up every night.) 
 Thanks Ryan.
Johnny Corndawg was definitely solidly country. The sound and the sight of him was all country. But it's the kind of country that would make it into outer space. The lyrics were intelligent and insightful. He was fun and engaging. And he was fun and engaging. Did I mention that he was fun...and engaging? 
That brings me back to do ray me.

Now I'm watching the people just begin to roll into Marty's. It's 1:05 and it's the next phase here. Next stop sunrise. It's amazing how fast this place fills up. 

My battery is dying and I'm about to drink another beer. We're still having fun right? I mean everything is cool. we''re not mad at me are you? Sorry man. Hey... Man I love you guys. No really. I love you guys. Ya'll are the best...

Motel Ice Machine


Johnny Corndawg 

Robert Ellis

(Yes! This post is exactly what it looks like.)

Brigitte DeMeyer – A Sexy, Soulful Singer

Saturday October 22 at WorkPlay opening for Will Kimbrough

So the women have all written they’re reviews of Brigitte DeMeyer. Now I’ll give an unabashedly male perspective. Let’s get past this part quickly, she’s got a sexy swagger. And that helps when you watch her sing. Let’s go ahead and be honest. 

God forbid you listen to her voice too closely, singing those dripping sweet lyrics, you’ll be caught. It’s not fair. Just because a man has good taste in music, he cares about the details, doesn’t mean he’s not still just a man. It’s not fair for someone to be that loaded up with good stuff! 

The breath between each note is just as much the sound she is as the smooth flow of her words. Let’s call it a sexy, countryish, bluegrass, gospelly, soulful music. She’s going places but she’s not chasing anyone, she has her own style about her, casual, cool and friendly. I like her.  
An important quality I look for in an artist is whether or not I think they’re any good. Sounds simple. It is. 

Would I pop a beer and listen to their music?  If I wasn’t working…would I be just as happy staring at the speakers for a while, soaking it all in, as I would with the songs in the background at a party. That’s the best way to judge, the real way.

I have been listening to DeMeyer. I enjoy her music. I’m going to download the album. It inspires a feeling. That’s a review.         

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lightnin’ Malcolm: I thought he was a Black Man

By Lee Waites

I learned a lot about Lightnin’ Malcolm during our conversation: There is no Mrs. Lightnin’ Malcolm, and no Lightnin’ Malcolm Jr. I’m not sure how we got on the subject. I was probably trying to win my badge in tabloid journalism. “As far as I know there isn’t one. Not by name at least. Nobody’s come up to tell me I got some kid somewhere. But it’s been, y’know…we’re not live on the air are we?” He was much relieved to find out we’re only a newspaper (only is relative of course).

One thing I didn’t learn was that he’s a white man. I swear, talking to him on the phone I thought the dude was black. All I had heard up til then was the audio of his music. So I didn’t know. This will probably make him feel a tingle of pride. Now I am a white guy who thinks he can wail like a black guy. So I don’t know how much credibility that gives me.    

In his raspy “blues” voice he had one important request. “We’re not playing there this time. But I really want to give a shout out to someone over there. I want to give a shout out to Mr. Gip’s place. I mean it’s really good to see an old fashioned juke joint like that. You all know Mr. Gip?”

Of course, to this, I says “Oh yeah! We know Mr. Gip. Cindi over there has one of our t-shirts. I think with everything that’s been going on Mr. Gip’s is getting pretty famous.”

“Just make sure you give my shout out.”

Lightnin’ Malcolm describes his own music as raw, hip, country, blues. He might have thrown in some other descriptions, but I couldn’t keep up. A slow, mellow talking man, Malcolm gets moving and excited when he gets on the subject of his music. “It’s our own style. Throws back to John Lee Hooker , get down, a groove you can dance to, a lot of energy. Almost everything we do is original. We mix reggae sound, soul, country music. We mix it all to make our own sound.  Even if you don’t like the Blues, c’mon out…If you don’t like the Blues you ain’t heard me yet!”

Malcolm says they’re mostly doing original, new music on this tour. Although he enjoys putting much of the old sounds into his music. He makes it all his own.  It’s like throwing it all into a blender and coming out with a delicious Blues smoothie.  

He’s from Mississippi. So I can’t really call him an outside agitator. But I still recommend you men keep an eye on your women. Let’s avoid any unfortunate romance.          

Lightin’ Malcolm will be playing at the Nick on Thursday, September 29.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother Mercy Rockin' It Live @ BWW Alabaster's 5th Anniversary Bash | 04...

Curt Granger on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 12:10pm

by Curt Granger on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 12:10pm

Here's the list of my gear that was stolen. All my guitars are stored in another location, as are most of my amps. But basically this is all the gear I owned.
STOLEN GEAR (9/20/11)

Police report filed with Irondale Police Dept. (205) 956-5990 Case. 11092385

(1) 2003 White 6x10 Pace Utility trailer VIN 4FPFB10163G075925, tag no. 1UTA7234.

(1) Granger Lead Overdrive 100 amplifier (custom - red, white, with red transformers) SN RCG0016 - UNIQUE, THERE'S NOT ANOTHER LIKE IT. (see photo)

Housed inside: (1) Brady Cases flight case, approx. 26" x 14" x 12"

(1) Granger 4x12 speaker cabinet, w/ black cover (Granger logo on front) - black with salt/pepper grill cloth (no SN, see photo)

(1) Pedal Pad MPS w/ Patch Pad - gray felt covered, 2-tier pedalboard with the following pedals:

BOSS TU-1 Tuner

Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer

George Lynch Wah

BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay

Behringer Digital Delay

DigiTech X-Series Stereo Flanger

BOSS Super Chorus

MXR Phase 90 (SN AA78L531)

(All are hard-mounted to pedalboard)

(1) Ludwig snare drum case with the following:

BOSS RC-30 Loop station (SN A6A2845)

Behringer EQ700 7-band Graphic Equalizer pedal (SN S0605561350)

DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 (SN 10013735)

Metallic blue analog delay pedal with 3 white knobs and blue LED (prototype, SN JS-1101, on inside of pedal, no labeling on front)

Various extension, instrument and microphone cables, power adapters, 2 6-outlet power strips

2" black binder with lyrics and songlists

gray, square MP3 player

(2) Shure 57 mics

(2) Behringer 58 mics

(1) Shure 58 mic

(1) Carvin C1644 16 channel mixer in flight case (SN 0B32733)

(2) Carvin 742 15" monitors

(1) Peavey 15" monitor

(1) Kustom 15" monitor

(1) Carvin 1562 2x15" main speaker enclosure (SN OB57735)

(1) Carvin 1562 2x15" main speaker enclosure (SN OB57745)

(1) Carvin SW1801 1x18" subwoofer (SN OA76216)

(1) Carvin SW1801 1x18" subwoofer (SN OA76297)

(2) Behringer 18" subs

(1) Carvin flight/road case with the following power amps/eqpt:

Carvin DCM2000 power amp (SN OB12184)

Carvin DCM1500 power amp (SN AI19856)

QSC1400 power amp (SN 201723)

Samson S700 power amp

Behringer Super-X Pro CX2310 3-way stereo crossover (SN M0130855132)

(1) Gray felt covered road case with the following:

Mackie 12 channel mixer

Zoom Studio 1204 Multieffects unit

2 space rack drawer

(1) Black canvas road case with Behringer EP2500 power amp

(1) Flight case loaded with the following:

Furman power conditional with front panel recessible lights

Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124P (SN L0214753124)

Behringer Ultramizer Pro DSP1400P (SN 001122970)

Behringer Ultragraph Digital DEQ1024 Stereo 31Band EQ

Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX4600 4 channel compressor (SN M0213338179)

Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102 (SN L0078485088)

(2) Black lighting stands/supports

(2) Black sectional supports for above

(8) Par 56 light cans mounted on supports

(1) Heavy-duty canvas mic stand bag with 4 boom mic stands

(1) Sennheiser EW13562 Instrument (Guitar) Wireless system (has stickers on black plastic case - Scream Sophie, etc.)

(1) Plastic tote with 2 light dimmers and controller, cables

(1) Plastic tote with 3 extension cables, guitar cables, footswitches, 2 guitar stands

(1) Plastic tote with speaker cables

(1) Plastic tote with Carvin 16 channel snake

(1) Black music stand

(1) Orange metal handtrucks

(1) Round plastic fan

Granger Lead Overdrive 100 and 4x12 speaker cabinet

Christmas present to myself. Granger Lead Overdrive 100 watt amp.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New BFP Music App for Droid Phones

I was walking across the street today when a group of about 5 kids, probably 12 or 13 years old, saw me carrying the latest addition of the BFP. They said it was cool except that it was run by a bunch of old geezers, old men who couldn't keep up with the changing world. I guffawed. I do that sometimes. This made them stop and encircle me. I told them I was in charge of BFP Music. "You kids just don't know how cool it is."

One of them stepped up and said I was stupid and ugly. He threw his giant can of Red Bull at me and kicked me in the shin. I went down of course. The Waites men, although stout and tough, have notoriously weak shins. I lay on the street and cried like a baby. They stood around me and kicked me and laughed. As soon as I could stop slobbering and drooling from the pain I crawled to my knees. At the top of my lungs I yelled "WHY!"

One boy stepped forward. He must have been the leader. He was the biggest, 5 feet tall if he was an inch. "Because old man, You ain't even got no freakin' phone app."

I stood up and shook the boys hand. "You're right." I said. "Here's a nickle for each of you. Thank you muchly for the advice. Now you kids run along and get yourselves a Marathon bar from the U-Totem... on me." They skipped away to buy their treats. Those kids...they had sure pegged me.

I was happy they had. Sometimes change is painful. I came home and built the app.

Go to the Android marketplace, search for BFP Music, download the app. It does what you need. And how!     

Here is the app. For now it's basically just a link. I'll spice it up later then let you know:
BFP Music App. Click here 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

@Bottletree  --  HOBO Awards presented by Theatre Downtown

@Cosmo's Pizza  -- Glen Butts 

@Daniel Day Gallery  -- Tim Boykin Blues Band (2PM)

@Gabriel's  --Karaoke Kid

@The Garage Cafe  --      Marian McKay & Her Mood Swings

@Margarita Grill  --  Joe Breckenridge    

@Marty's  --  Chad Fisher Show

@The Nick --    River Whyless//Fire Mountain//Red Rover

@O.R.E.  --  Cleve Eaton & the Jazz All Stars

@Stillwater Pub  --    Heath Green

@Phelan Park
14th Avenue & 15th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
--Robert Harris Band//Earl "Guitar" Williams