Saturday, September 10, 2011

New BFP Music App for Droid Phones

I was walking across the street today when a group of about 5 kids, probably 12 or 13 years old, saw me carrying the latest addition of the BFP. They said it was cool except that it was run by a bunch of old geezers, old men who couldn't keep up with the changing world. I guffawed. I do that sometimes. This made them stop and encircle me. I told them I was in charge of BFP Music. "You kids just don't know how cool it is."

One of them stepped up and said I was stupid and ugly. He threw his giant can of Red Bull at me and kicked me in the shin. I went down of course. The Waites men, although stout and tough, have notoriously weak shins. I lay on the street and cried like a baby. They stood around me and kicked me and laughed. As soon as I could stop slobbering and drooling from the pain I crawled to my knees. At the top of my lungs I yelled "WHY!"

One boy stepped forward. He must have been the leader. He was the biggest, 5 feet tall if he was an inch. "Because old man, You ain't even got no freakin' phone app."

I stood up and shook the boys hand. "You're right." I said. "Here's a nickle for each of you. Thank you muchly for the advice. Now you kids run along and get yourselves a Marathon bar from the U-Totem... on me." They skipped away to buy their treats. Those kids...they had sure pegged me.

I was happy they had. Sometimes change is painful. I came home and built the app.

Go to the Android marketplace, search for BFP Music, download the app. It does what you need. And how!     

Here is the app. For now it's basically just a link. I'll spice it up later then let you know:
BFP Music App. Click here 

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