Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Goal at BFP Music

We've been up and running now for less than a year. We're very happy that we've had so much interest in what we're doing. We have been happy to meet and connect with all of the musicians and their fans that have so far joined our groups, become our friends, viewed the content on our site and shared their information with us. 

We have a number of goals that we've met and a number we are working to launch soon. So please tell your friends and stick around. Check back frequently to see what's up. Also, as most people who have been following what we're doing will tell you we're very interactive. We're having a blast and love to hear from any of you about ideas or events. We're working hard to become a one stop shop, if you will, for local music information. 

We're attempting to achieve this through diligent work as well as creative outreach to fans and musicians. We don't require anything fancy to do this. We pay attention, try to keep up with what's going on, and respect the effort of others. We never want to be seen as an adversary to any other music endeavor in this town. We're just proud to be running along side the other guys and doing our thing. We will let our information and resources speak for themselves. 
Or calendar: We attempt to provide the most up to date calendar available for music information in Birmingham. It is built by hand and updated as shows come in. We attempt to keep up with mostly the local small venues. These guys do not get as much attention through media coverage but are the backbone of our local music scene. 

Many have begun to use the calendar. Please check it out from your smart phone. We like the versatility.

We're meeting with a guy this week, yes cloak and dagger stuff. He is going to help us put together a killer app. The one we have now sucks. But it's a link to the calendar that is updated several times a day by us. We check and double check the information and check it against all other calendars in town to to be as correct and up to date as possible. Call me on the freaking phone if you see me missing something. I will put it in.  That is how available we are.
The deal is, we are like most of the musicians in this town. Our newspaper and our music coverage is our art. We work other jobs too. We're like most of you. We don't have all the time in the world to chase stories. We don't have rich backers to pay our bills. We don't have a sales staff. We just have you. But that is freaking cool. 

The interest in what we're doing has skyrocketed. We're ecstatic about that. Some of you are into the newspaper. Some of you are into the music coverage. Some of you are into the groups. That is our pleasure. 

We love what we're doing. Please keep up your support and let us know what you want to see. We are a good opportunity for you to directly influence coverage in Birmingham. 

Rock on freakos!

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