Saturday, September 24, 2011

BFP Music Saturday NIght

I can think of no better way than to tell it like it is. I'm sitting on the patio at Marty's talking to my dear old friend Darcy, who is set up to sell her jewelry. She calls it Alexander's Wearable Art. Inside, Earthbound is keeping it mellow and smooth. 

I started my evening at Crestwood Coffee watching the High Fidelics. A confession: My brother is the bass player. I would love them anyway. They, for some reason refuse to be classified as surfer music. I think they're like the Ventures. Another confession: I, as I've said, am a drinker. So I'll fix whatever typos I make in the morning. I'm having very much fun. I hope you are too.

After grooving to the High Fidelics I came to Marty's to see Motel Ice Machine! I like them very much. the singer is like a cold glass of milk fresh from the dairy, you could just drink her up. And the guys are like the Berenstain Bears on crack, tight like machines. They have a cool, country-western kind of feel. I was impressed by how tight they were even though Ryan told me they had a few new members. 

My Marty's burger just got here. So I'm going to stop my train of thought in its tracks and eat. Oh my God...It's like the old myth about the crossroads. Only, instead of Marty making a deal for musical prowess, he got the freakin' burgers.

Whoa! Ricky Castrillo just came by the table. Told me we were the best thing to happen to music in this city for a long time. I love that man. You have to meet him if you haven't.

Darcy has sold about three pieces of jewelry since I've been sitting here. She's a hippie!

OK. I just ate the last bite of my Marty Burger. I feel ready to face the World.

I'm going to be in trouble in the morning. When my editor sees all this free flow bullshit. But it's the pirate way!

So. Ryan from Motel Ice Machine gave me his tickets to see Johnny Corndawg, at Bottletree. There was a break between Motel Ice Machine's set and Earthbound's at Marty's, so I took it to go to Bottletree.

I wasn't expecting much from Johnny Corndawg. I just wasn't familiar with him. He joined up with the opening band, Robert Ellis and his boys, who played with him on his set. I had never seen them before.  But those motherfu@*$%@ were tied together by strings. I was shocked that the crowd wasn't larger. They were tight as hell.

I stopped by the merch table to talk with Robert Ellis during the solo portion of Johnny Corndawg. I was amazed to learn that Corndawg and Ellis had only played together a few times. I guess some things just fit.
Bottletree was the perfect venue for this show. We need to make sure to fill Bottletree up the next time Corndawg and/or Ellis comes through town. (Really. We should just fill Bottletree up every night.) 
 Thanks Ryan.
Johnny Corndawg was definitely solidly country. The sound and the sight of him was all country. But it's the kind of country that would make it into outer space. The lyrics were intelligent and insightful. He was fun and engaging. And he was fun and engaging. Did I mention that he was fun...and engaging? 
That brings me back to do ray me.

Now I'm watching the people just begin to roll into Marty's. It's 1:05 and it's the next phase here. Next stop sunrise. It's amazing how fast this place fills up. 

My battery is dying and I'm about to drink another beer. We're still having fun right? I mean everything is cool. we''re not mad at me are you? Sorry man. Hey... Man I love you guys. No really. I love you guys. Ya'll are the best...

Motel Ice Machine


Johnny Corndawg 

Robert Ellis

(Yes! This post is exactly what it looks like.)

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