Sunday, May 15, 2011

A "Not A Music Review" of The Matt Woods Manifesto

By Lee Waites

So I walked in the door...Oh Boy! A package... I still get excited about new music. Matt told me he was going to send me his new CD, says it has some of our local musicians on it. I told him how much I detest most music reviews, how they're usually some kind of pissing, some clever attempt to put a writer's mark on the music. Or they're fluffed up fodder for the press release. I'm just irritated by them, most of the time, and a little evil voice reads them in my head, mockingly. So, I recommend you click on your evil voice, even though this is "Not A Music Review!"

The Matt Woods Manifesto is pumping into my ears as I write...kind of country, kind of fast, clean. I'm eating a freshly cut slice of vodka soaked watermelon and many very attractive, modernly sexy, still so Southern women are dancing. Sometimes we're in a field, then we stroll into the shade of the woods. The air smells like cut grass.

In our Facebook message conversation, yes, we met on Facebook, and it was lovely, Matt told me who was on the album. He knows my passion is for local music. And he gave me my reason. Some of our local talent has gone and dun did get on here, Sue Nuckols, doing some fiddling, Jay Taylor banjo-ing, and Sarah Green on the washboard.

I'm there! Barns, ladies, beer & whiskey, foothills, old cars, open fire energy.

Now the ladies are handing me beers in thick brown bottles, everyone is laughing and having fun. The air is sepia-tone. I feel like doing a little dance by the freshly made fire. In truth, I feel like drinking whiskey and dancing with one of these imaginary ladies in my head. Let's face it Matt, you make me want to get drunk!

The album is The Matt Woods Manifesto.
Thanks for sending me your CD Mr. Matt. It makes a verb of the word "party."

Matt will be playing at Sipsey Tavern on May 28th.

Click here: Check him out and make up your own freakin' mind. BFP Music illuminates, we trust in you.

Matt Harvey

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Menewa- Lonesome River (Stanley Brothers)

Heroes Unified Telethon

According to Sly King, Public Relations Director for Socially Linked, the organization responsible for putting on the event, there were over 16,000 U-stream viewers and 300 in attendance. The current estimate is that B'ham Heroes Unified raised over $15,000 in its telethon.

Lauren and Avonlea serving the drinks. Their beauty shines, even through my cheap camera and poor photography skills. And they were extra super cool. 

A cool car to look at while they set up the stage  

Caleb Chancey of War Jacket

Tech guys making it happen! And fussing at me for getting in the way.

Rickey White, putting it all together.
and telethoning.

My man Leroy Stephens, the Smokin' Dude, taking a well deserved break form the activities, and discussing with me how close the tornadoes came to each of us. That's a regular topic of conversation, our proximity to the tornadoes.

Several members of Results of Adults, and progeny. Tym, baby Birch, Merry, and Robyn. Result of adults was about to go on stage.

Jamie Higdon drove down from Nashville to sing for us.

Conley Knott singing.
Matt and Lauren

A fun time was had by all, raising money for a good cause.