Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brigitte DeMeyer – A Sexy, Soulful Singer

Saturday October 22 at WorkPlay opening for Will Kimbrough

So the women have all written they’re reviews of Brigitte DeMeyer. Now I’ll give an unabashedly male perspective. Let’s get past this part quickly, she’s got a sexy swagger. And that helps when you watch her sing. Let’s go ahead and be honest. 

God forbid you listen to her voice too closely, singing those dripping sweet lyrics, you’ll be caught. It’s not fair. Just because a man has good taste in music, he cares about the details, doesn’t mean he’s not still just a man. It’s not fair for someone to be that loaded up with good stuff! 

The breath between each note is just as much the sound she is as the smooth flow of her words. Let’s call it a sexy, countryish, bluegrass, gospelly, soulful music. She’s going places but she’s not chasing anyone, she has her own style about her, casual, cool and friendly. I like her.  
An important quality I look for in an artist is whether or not I think they’re any good. Sounds simple. It is. 

Would I pop a beer and listen to their music?  If I wasn’t working…would I be just as happy staring at the speakers for a while, soaking it all in, as I would with the songs in the background at a party. That’s the best way to judge, the real way.

I have been listening to DeMeyer. I enjoy her music. I’m going to download the album. It inspires a feeling. That’s a review.         

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