Friday, October 7, 2011

BFP Music Biz: Press Release from Synical Deliverance

Synical Deliverance is one of the premiere electronic/industrial acts out of Birmingham, AL. They self-released their debut album Hades back in 2008, selling over 200 copies, and playing over 50 live shows to support the local and regional music scenes.

Now in 2011, 3 years have passed and their sophomore album -Chronos- will soon see the light of day, after many release issues due to funding, etc.

Anyone that enjoyed the live shows, or was lucky enough to obtain a copy of Hades is urged to please help out Synical Deliverance by Pre-ordering their album at the ridiculously low price of $8 (includes shipping and handling directly to your address in a VERY LIMITED custom package).

We'd like to thank the Birmingham Freepress, and any other local organization and music groups who have helped artists do what they do.

1 comment:

  1. these guys are among the few that do electronic music right, and the pop sensibility of tracks like spectre add something lacking from most other acts. for these songs to be self produced is a feat in and of itself. in my humble opinion, the price is a steal. from start to finish the cd shines, and i recommend SD to anyone looking for new independent music that doesnt sound like a watered down version of the shins or a less inspired mgmt. this is the real deal folks. stop searching cause the buck stops here, you found it little buddy. now give your ears some sweet sweet candy. Recommended tracks are Epoch and Spectre. YOU BUY NOW!!!1